Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Days to Cherish

My little girl turned six last week...she will start first grade in a few weeks. Kindergarten was only half-days last year, so we will be apart for most of the day this year. When I ask her if she is excited about first grade, she tells me, "Yes. Kind of. I don't want a yelling teacher. And I want to have lunch at home with you, Mama." (Yes, I melt!)
Well, she's been enjoying a 4-evening synchronized swimming "try it out" camp this week. It's been a FABULOUS class and she is loving every minute of it. I have enjoyed it as well - watching her smile as she learns a new skill, listening to her sing along with a CD in the van on our way to and from class. While she was singing tonight, I noted the lyrics and decided to write them down and save them. I plan to send them to her when she is in college one day...I hope we will both remember this special time. How I cherish these days!

"The stars are out, the moon is up
It’s time to go to bed
I’m so glad you have a place
To lay your little head

Have a deep and peaceful sleep
Dream away the hours
When you wake, the sun will come
To smile upon the flowers

Go to sleep, my little friend
Beneath the evening star
You will always have a friend
No matter where you are"

Friday, August 6, 2010

Great Day (OH-YEAH!)

Today was full of fun!
Here's how it all went down -
8:57 dropped off CAH at Cheerleading Camp
9:04 dropped off NCH at Town Camp
headed back home to empty dishwasher, vacuum, etc.
10:15 last day of swim lessons for KBH (today was "Fun Friday", during which the kids get to play/go off diving boards, etc.) KBH was all excited to be going off the high dive, but (surprisingly) changed her mind halfway up the ladder...she did the "medium board" instead and then enjoyed her last day with her 3 favorite teachers.

11:00 headed over to CAH's Cheerleading Camp for her Cheer Show
She did a super job smiling, remembering all those cheers, and having a great time! I was so pleased that she enjoyed the camp as much as she did, and then I thought, "Of course she loves it - her 'role' in our family is cheerleader. She is always encouraging others!" During the week, she got to make her own t-shirt and pom-poms. Her coaches said they loved having her there, and that she was a great fit in the cheerleading world (so cute!!)

12:00 headed home for lunch and to get ready for an afternoon of swimming with friends
1:00 several friends arrived with their children in was a beautiful sunny but not at all humid afternoon, and the four ladies enjoyed chatting as the thirteen children swam and played together. I feel incredibly blessed to have friends who know me - the good, the bad and the ugly - and still love me! The fact that I can just "be me" with these ladies makes me feel so at ease.
4:00 our friends headed home and my older three kiddos disappeared upstairs. I heard NCH organizing a "dance show rehearsal" so NJH and I headed out back. NJH taught himself how to climb on KBH's Dora two-wheeler (with training wheels), and rode it all over the back patio!!
4:45 we piled in the van to take NCH to his friend's birthday party at the town pool.
5:15 came back home and vegged on the couch to The Wiggles until hubby came home, had dinner
6:30 I headed out to pick up NCH
7:30 It was Dance Show Time!!! NCH planned the event. Earlier in the week, he had selected his own music, made a play list and burned his own CD! "Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas is evidently his favorite song, as he has about 10 versions of it! Anyway, it was showtime, and hubby, NJH and I gathered to watch. There was singing, air guitar, choreography and gymnastics! Even special bows at the end...great stuff!
Soon afterwards, it was bedtime for the herd.
In the words of my little cheerleader, today was a great day - "Oh Yeah!!"

Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Camp

I just caught my kiddos having fun...NCH made his own "sign in" sheets, and he had his younger siblings up in his room playing "Summer Camp." He went out to the van and got a CD for sing-along music time. They traced their hands and feet for craft time. I'm not sure what other activities they did, but I heard them giggling away up there...
I love times like this!!!