Tuesday, November 27, 2012

On Repeat

Do you ever stumble upon a song you HAVE TO hear OVER and OVER? That happens to me every now and then. A month or so ago, it was "Forever Reign". I sang it at the top of my lungs while driving to pick up my youngest from preschool. I sang it until I cried...the words were (still are) so powerful!
Today I've been listening to a variety of Christmas albums. "Glorious Impossible" (as performed by FFH) really touched me...I think I'm on my 10th repeat of the song (ok, so I found several other arrangements, one done by the Gaither Vocal Band, another by Carl Cartree, the writer of the song). I absolutely LOVE this song!!! Give it a listen, read the lyrics, see if you agree with me...
this is one beautiful song! 

**side note...i just discovered another beautiful arrangement of this song, done by new-to-me duo, The Wiebes...gorgeous!
Here is their arrangement. 

See the Virgin is delivered 
In a cold and crowded stall
Mirror of the Father's glory 
Lies beside her in the straw
He is Mercy's incarnation 

Marvel at this miracle! 
For the Virgin gently holds 
The Glorious Impossible
Love has come to walk on water 

Turn the water into wine 
Touch the leper,
bless the children 
Love both human and divine
Praise the wisdom of the Father 

Who has spoken through His Son 
Speaking still, He calls us to 
The Glorious Impossible

Glorious Impossible
He was bruised for our transgressions 

And He bears eternal scars 
He was raised for our salvation 
And His righteousness is ours
Praise, oh praise Him, praise the glory 

Of this lavish grace so full 
Lift your souls now and receive
the Glorious Impossible!

Glorious Impossible

Glorious Impossible 
Glorious Impossible
Praise, oh praise Him, praise the glory 

Of this lavish grace so full 
Lift your souls now and receive 
The Glorious Impossible

Saturday, November 17, 2012

a nothing day

Is your schedule jam-packed? Errands, appointments, people to shuttle here and there, endless lists of things to do, groceries to buy, meals to make, laundry to wash/dry/fold/put away, floors to mop, rugs to vacuum, beds to strip and remake, phew! Sounds like my life!!
Well, today was different...we didn't have anywhere we had to be. There was no to-do list. It has been lovely!!
It started with Saturday Sleep-In...whoever sleeps in the latest wins. (What's the prize? I never know...maybe a piece of gum?) Today I was the winner...and my prize was sleeping in itself!!

Everyone just puttered around the house,
kids doing a few job here and there,
hubby played a new video game,
I listened to Christmas music,
hubby and the boys ran a few errands and even got lunch out.
I started to meal-plan but I realized I only have to make a couple dinners this week!
I tried a new turkey chili crockpot recipe (it smells deelish!)
Later I made a ginger sugar cookie recipe I had been wanting to try for weeks (WAY too good...I better give the rest of these away!)
I did a Rev Abs workout (much needed after the cookie fest).
The girls played outside and made paper flowers to tape onto pencils.
I played the piano for awhile.
I did a little knitting.
Now it's almost dinner time and the kids already got themselves into jammies. They have been asking (begging) to watch "Elf" since yesterday afternoon. I stopped counting after the 20th request today. So it looks like we'll be watching "Elf" after dinner!
Gotta love a "nothing day"!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


it was sleeting and freezing early on. later the sun was shining brightly, but there was still a chill in the air.
my youngest asked, "why are they saying it's 'the most wonderful time of the year'?" to which i got to share with him (again) about the true meaning of Christmas. how amazing is it that i get to do this? i get to drive my kiddo to preschool and hear the questions of his little heart!! later in the day, he asked me to turn off the "sad tears song" (that would be "Last Christmas", the Glee version...hahahaha!)
my youngest and i drove to school and waited 15 minutes to see my older daughter, to wish her well before her musical audition. i then hurried back home to beat the bus to greet the other two kids, fed them snack, started them on homework. then we all scooted back to school to get musical audition daughter. no one complained about being carted back and forth.
i caught my older son and my younger daughter reading together...she read her stack of 5 take home readers to him, and he assisted as needed and asked her comprehension questions!
that same older son is on top of the world lately. his teacher loves him...with all his little quirks and stuff that can sometimes drive a teacher crazy, she sees him, she gets him...i am thrilled!! he also proudly informed me that he was "the only kid in class to get 100 on the social studies test!" (um, what test? i don't recall seeing a study guide...or quizzing him?)
my older daughter loves the new $19 hand blender i bought at aldi. she used it as a microphone to sing "Rolling in the Deep". i had to turn away so she didn't see me smiling.
i hear musical instruments playing in the basement. which means the kids got into the storage room, climbed a shelf and took the box of instruments down. perhaps i should go check on them. except that no one is crying. no one is calling me.
so i will sit here munching on my leftover from two nights ago spinach salad, listening to "Unexpected Gifts: 12 New Sounds of Christmas" on spotify.
O tidings of comfort and joy...

Friday, November 2, 2012

Time for Thanks

I was going to do a daily thankful post for the month of November, but I'm not sure I'll get on here every day. But today, I am incredibly thankful I get to be a stay-at-home-mom! Ten and a half years ago, I was just beginning my stay-at-home-mom journey. I was overwhelmed, sleep-deprived, exhausted, weary, and a mess! Of course I loved my new baby...I had prayed for a baby for a LONG time. When I was a child, all I wanted to do was be a mom when I grew up. I had visions of myself in a flowing nightgown smiling serenely as I nursed my little wonder. Um, reality looked more like a screaming newborn, a frazzled unshowered mom in stained sweats struggling to get her newborn to latch on, then trying desperately to keep that newborn awake to finish a feeding, then not moving for an hour while that newborn slept on me. It was a very difficult time! But here we are, ten and a half years later, with three more kiddos. They are now ages 10, 8, almost 7 and 5. And I have such a different perspective than I used to have! I enjoy moments more, I savor the little things. Of course there are still times I am overwhelmed. I don't always get to shower and I certainly am not the epitome of calm, cool and collected!! But making a point to stop and take a mental snapshot of a special moment is a part of my every day. I GET to be here with my babies...I GET to make them lunch, wash their clothes, watch them learn, grow, and explore. And I am so thankful.